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Potty Training

  • The One Universal Rule of Potty Training

    Across all the parents I help with potty training, there is one thing I find myself saying to every single one.

    And in all my research and reading about potty training, as well as all my chats with parents and grandparents who have been successful in it, there's one consistent thread of advice.

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  • Potty Training or Toilet Learning?

    I've been told that I shouldn't use the term “potty training”. It should be "potty learning"...or maybe it's supposed to be "toilet learning".

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  • Our Journey With Faecal Incontinence (Encopresis)

    This guest post comes from a kiwi mum on an ongoing journey with her son's Encopresis. Her account is real, raw and emotional to her family as they continue toward success. We hope her honesty will help other families to know they're not alone and that there is help available.

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  • My lowest parenting moment (and how it can help you)

    I remember looking over at my husband in total desperation crying out, "What are we going to do!?", and he had nothing.

    Heavily pregnant with our second son, I was already struggling when I caught a stomach virus and spent all night power chucking everything that hit my stomach and more. I landed in hospital on IV fluids before being discharged on order of bedrest. It was the first "sick day" I'd been allowed since becoming a parent.

    But by then my husband had caught the virus so he was up and down all night, keeping me awake. Then, early the next morning when our boy awoke crying, it was me who got up to find that he had vomited too. I stood at the end of our bed tearfully demanding that hubby, who was groggy and feeling sorry for himself, wake up and listen.

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  • Green Smoothie for Toilet Trainees

    Probably the single most overlooked preparation for toilet training involves diet; namely fibre intake - that's veggies, fruit, whole grains, nuts and legumes.

    Aside from the obvious health benefits, adding fibre to your toilet trainee's diet is extra important to help keep them regular. A child with a fibre-rich diet is going to have less trouble passing number twos, less likelihood of pain or discomfort, and therefore a lower chance of developing an aversion to the potty or toilet

    If you've got a fussy eater an easy trick is to serve up a daily green smoothy. Unlike us adults, kids tend to love the colour, especially if you give it a fun name (Hulk Juice/Ogre Slime/Green Lantern/Magic Potion) and they're delicious too.

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  • Parenting is Tough - Solidarity in Toilet Training

    The hardest lesson I've learned in parenting is that I can't be an engaged and positive parent all the time. Not even close. Sometimes I get sick, tired or just plain over it. Sometimes I get so busy looking after little people that I forget to eat and turn into a hangry ogre.

    Parenting is tough, no doubt about it, and parenting in a world of competitive coffee groups and social media can be even tougher unless we maintain perspective with other like-minded parents.

    So here's some perspective that I hope you will overlay onto every other toilet training article I write. Consider it a fist bump of solidarity for those times when all the toilet training "rules" have gone out the window.

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  • Waste Free Toilet Training

    As Waste Free Parenting Week with The Nappy Lady draws to a close for 2016, I'm left wondering what more Bath & Potty Time can do to help reduce waste. We already do what we can as a business to reuse and recycle and we actively stock eco friendly products wherever we can.

    We're also in a position to educate, not only on bathing and toilet training, but also on specific methods that will help parents and our wider communities. So here are a few ideas on eco friendly toilet training.

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  • Anxiety and Accidents

    Anxiety is an ugly beast. It makes people's bodies react in a way that's more appropriate to being attacked by a bear than for most of the modern stresses we face. It makes people feel terrible, avoid things they love and do things that hurt them. It's difficult to recognise and verbalise for adults and a thousand times harder on young children.

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  • Potty Training Rewards

    One of the challenges we face when toilet training is finding the right reward to encourage our child onto the potty and to continue to keep them interested in going. There are plenty of potty training rewards available but what should we look for? What's going to work best?

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  • Training Pants Buying Guide

    Training pants are a godsend for the modern parent. A good pair of trainers will protect your expensive furnishings and minimise the laundry workload while allowing your child the independence of being a "big kid" with real undies.

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