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The One Universal Rule of Potty Training

Across all the parents I help with potty training, there is one thing I find myself saying to every single one.

And in all my research and reading about potty training, as well as all my chats with parents and grandparents who have been successful in it, there's one consistent thread of advice.

Keep potty training positive

Now, let's be real, this is not to say that we have to approach the extra cleaning while singing merrily like a Disney princess.

birds making the bed

No-no-no! There will be moments and days when you will be exasperated and over it (just as there are with all things parenting). And there will be moments and days when your child is over it and rebelling against it too.

But, if there's just one article you read on my whole website I hope it's this one because this single universal rule is the answer to all of your potty training dilemmas. Dilemmas like:

When should I potty train?

Professional researchers are at odds with each other on this by more than a YEAR. Seriously. So the real question is, "when is a good time for your child, you and your family?". It's probably going to be a time when you feel you have the capacity for it, when you see your child is ready for the challenge, when you have support in place - i.e: when it's a positive!

How should I potty train?

There are soooo many methods around! The consistent thing across every successful method is that it is positive. Give positive reinforcement for successes (even tiny ones) and don't punish accidents.

Should we keep trying to potty train? Should we change the way we're potty training?

The answer is in another question - "is this still positive for our child and for us?". If, overall, your child is happy continuing and you're comfortable with the washing/cleaning/workload of the method you're using then carry on! If not, change things up or take a break.

Should I use a potty or a training seat? Should I use training pants or go straight to undies?

Only you can answer this. Which one is your child the most excited about and least nervous over? Which is best suited to your intended training style? Which one best fits your home and lifestyle? Which one is going to give you the most positive experience?

I'm not here to tell you that you should use one particular method or buy every single item on my website. Do what's right for your child and for you. Make it as easy on everyone as you can. Have fun with it if you can. BE POSITIVE!

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