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Potty Training or Toilet Learning?

I've been told that I shouldn't use the term “potty training”. It should be "potty learning"...or maybe it's supposed to be "toilet learning".



Potty learning is a better description of the most common method

Potty learning is a term that suits the child-led approach that most kiwi parents now use. The child-led approach is all about the child learning at their own pace with gentle encouragement so "learning" is a more accurate description than "training".

BUT not all parents use a child-led approach. Training may not be all the rage but it still suits a lot of families and it still works!


A lot of parents like to move their child straight to the toilet

Personally, I never bought a potty and had great success training (or teaching) my boys using the toilet with a seat insert and step stool. The only prerequisite for this is that your child is confident climbing up on a step stool, can handle the seat insert independently and isn’t scared of the toilet.

BUT a lot of parents use potties for a tonne of good reasons - portability, ease of use, getting their child in a good squat position, less scary...the list goes on.

Whatever you do, there's no judgment here

My business and my website are zero judgment zones!

I don’t care whether you train or teach your child. It doesn't matter to me whether you use elimination communication or an intense three day method or a relaxed child led method or any variation or none of those. I won’t ever be concerned if you choose not to buy a potty from me.

Whatever path you take in this journey, I support you.

So why do I persist with the term, “potty training”?

  • Because it’s common vernacular.
  • Because there is no one term that covers everyone anyway.
  • Because saying “potty/toilet learning/training” is too long and, if I made it into an acronym (PTLT) or made up a new phrase, nobody would have a clue what I’m on about.

So, my fellow parents, read the term “potty training” on my website in the loosest, most non-literal way possible – it’s nothing more than a broad term that doesn’t necessarily involve a potty or training.

All the best with potty training!

xx Shannon

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