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Removable potty training stickers for kids to stick right onto the toilet or potty.

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Product Description


Potti-Dots™ potty training stickers are the ultimate in potty training fun for kids AND parents! Bright and cheeky, they go straight on the outside of the potty or toilet, and offer little people lots of extra encouragement.

Use them one-by-one as a simple reward system. Personalise the bonus ‘Potty Licence’ with your child’s photo as an added incentive - and watch them go!

Each pack includes one A4 sized sheet of 20 Potti-Dots™, plus the bonus ‘Potty Licence’ on the reverse side of the header card

How do Potti-Dots™ differ to Reward Chart systems?

Many young children (and their parents) find reward charts too formal at potty training stage. Kids love the immediacy and the decorative effects of Potti-Dots™, where the toilet or potty space soon becomes their very own trophy room.

Where exactly should ‘Potti-Dots™’ be stuck?

They have been designed to go on the outside of the potty, the toilet seat, toilet lid, the cistern… just NOT inside the potty or toilet bowl,where it is too wet for Potti-Dots™ to survive!

Can Potti-Dots™ go anywhere else?

Potti-Dots™ are 100% removable, and can be placed on almost any clean, hard and dry surface you can think of… bathroom wall tiles, the fridge etc.

Can I clean over the Potti-Dots™?

Yes, use a soft dry or damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

How long do Potti-Dots™ last?

If kept dry, many many months - until they are removed!

Are Potti-Dots™ environmentally friendly?

Yes. The sticker material is fully bio-degradable. Also, the Potti-Dots™ Potty Licence is made from the pack to minimise waste.

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